Advantageous Design is a full service marketing and public relations firm offering unbeatable quality, savings, and service! We have over 10 years of experience and put every minute of it to work for you. Dozens of companies utilize our talents and services in one or all of the following areas:

Strategic Marketing

Not all marketing plans are created equal
Most business say they have a marketing plan, but it often only exists in the owner’s head. In today’s world, this just won’t cut it.

Advantageous Design will be happy to provide you with a proven marketing plan, or simply help re-evaluate your existing one.

We take the time to formulate real marketing plans by defining your target audience, researching your environment, establishing measurable goals, outlining specific tasks to specific individuals, developing creative concepts, and implementing creative campaigns to accomplish our objectives.

At set intervals, we re-evaluate your marketing plan and ensure that you’re receiving the return on investment (ROI) we established as a benchmark from the start.

Consulting – Advantageous Design provides business development help for new businesses or evaluation for businesses looking to revitalize their revenue streams. We’re here to help find solutions to your problems and concerns.

Public Relations & Social Media

There is nothing better than receiving FREE advertising and public awareness!

Public Relations
Advantageous Design helps your business capitalize on the newsworthy aspects of your business and helps you get the word out to the news outlets. Visit our portfolio to see numerous examples of our work.

Social Media
On top of traditional public relations in the form of press releases, AD also provides extensive services in the realm of social media.

Graphic Design

Art is subjective. Graphic Design is a science.
Graphic design is not just about the way something looks. It’s also about the message it conveys or the way it makes a person feel, think, and react.

Advantageous Design has both in-house and national graphic artists that can come up with the creative your business needs to succeed.

We can provide the look and style you want to impress with whether you’re looking for a logo, brochure, website, or newsletter.

Please take a moment to review samples of our work under the different portfolio sections.

Website Development

Are you on the www or is it just your competitors they will find when they do a search? Today, virtually everyone researches online before they buy.

We offer a full range of website development options you need to promote your company and bring in revenue. AD has website options for basic or dynamic, interactive sites – at affordable prices!

Please take a moment to review our website portfolio, then give us a call to start this simple and easy to understand process of developing and owning a website.

For just $40/year, you can get an unlimited storage mailbox and up to 5 email addresses, and full functionality on your mobile device. This is a fully administered email hosting plan, which means we take care of everything for you with just a simple call or email request.

For just $20/year, you can get your own personalized websie address whether it be a .COM, .NET, .ORG, and many others. This is a fully administered item, which means we take care of everything for you with just a simple call or email request.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
For just $60/year, we can assist your website in moving up the search engine results. We do this by ensuring proper meta tags, image labeling, link checking, linkbacks, submission to all the major search engines, and much more!

eFax Services
If you are running a small business, but have big company needs, eFax capabilities are a must. An electronic fax number is private because it comes directly to your email inbox, fast, easy, paperless if you choose, and customizeable. AD offers this service at a great price and setup is free, so call us to day about how your business can ad eFax services.

Media Buying

When your business is ready to start advertising, AD ensures you get the best placement and price for your ads whether it is radio, TV, print, outdoor, or even on the internet with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.